June 25th, 1956 is a day with which any Packard enthusiast should be intimately familiar. It’s the date the very last Packard automobile rolled off the production line in Detroit, Michigan. From the first single-cylinder buggy-type vehicle in 1899 to the introduction of 1904’s Gray Wolf and beyond, Packard was synonymous with luxury until the 1930s.
The large, square-bodied Packards were elegant, solid, and attentive to every detail that might catch a driver’s eye. It wasn’t enough, though, as Cadillac continued to outpace Packard as the epitome of American luxury. Following World War II, Packards were seen as lumbering rather than solid, and the company began producing smaller cars to attract a wider customer base. The diversification helped the brand hang on for a few more years, but 1956 was the end of the line for this icon of American automobiles.
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Though only produced for a total of five years halfway through the 20th century, the Frazer is a vehicle that’s known to many classic car enthusiasts. The Frazer served as the flagship model for the Kaiser-Frazer Corporation’s line of luxurious American automobiles. It boasted a style that was previously unseen, as well as an “envelope body,” a wide, slab-sided design that was a marked departure from the taller, narrower bodies on cars offered prior to World War II.
Debuting in 1946, the Frazer won a design achievement gold medal from the Fashion Academy of New York. The Frazer brand went on to account for nearly 2% of all cars built in the US by 1948.
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