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Simply Autos is committed to providing a simple, reliable source for the consumer to purchase quality used cars from a variety of used car dealers and franchise dealerships in Las Vegas, Henderson, and all of Southern Nevada.

We have been in business for 16 years. From used car dealers to established franchise dealerships, Simply Autos has provided used cars for sale from over 100 different dealers since we have been publishing our website. Currently there are 79 dealerships and more than 10,000 vehicles on the site.

Why was this business model created?

Simply Autos recognized the need for a local shopping resource to make it easy to find exactly the right car fast. Rather than search through a national website and either see cars long after they have been sold or potentially be inundated with marketing offers for cars you aren't interested in, Simply Autos created a system that helps you find the perfect car at the right price as soon as it becomes available on a local lot. 

Simply Autos custom built a database system that receives real time inventory feeds from our participating dealerships. As a result, between 2,000 and 14,000 used car listings are added to our pages each and every day, rain or shine. They are added as soon as or sometimes before they become available on the dealership's lot. People shopping through our website will see cars FIRST. 

Shoppers can rest assured that if the vehicle is shown to be available on Simply Autos, it will be there when they call. Once a car is sold, it is removed from the dealer inventory and it is automatically removed from the listings on

Rather than spend thousands of hours walking through hundreds of dealerships, our directory makes it easy to find exactly the vehicle you’re looking for at the price you want to pay. All of this happens without hassle on! 

Why use Simply Autos?

Simply Autos – owned, operated, printed and distributed in Las Vegas – is the first choice for vehicle shoppers in the Southwest region. We work directly with the car dealerships to get their inventory listed and available for shopping as soon as it hits their lots. When it comes to deals, Simply Autos often uses our relationships to get pricing that is lower than what shoppers will see on other auto listing sites and sometimes lower than what they will see by walking the lot.

Models, options, mileage and pricing are just some of the variables shoppers encounter when looking for their perfect new or used car. Our online directory allows shoppers to sort by features, pricing and many other details in just a few seconds. In years past, it could take weeks of shopping to find your perfect car. helps you find it in minutes!

What other services does Simply Autos offer?

Simply Autos can also connect you with: 

Financing - Good credit or bad credit, we can help you find exactly the right financing package to get you into your dream car at payment options you can afford. 

Department of Motor Vehicle services - We have an office directly across from the DMV that will save you the hassle of waiting in line for hours. We can help you get your new vehicle tags, title, registration and more. 

Vehicle Insurance - Simply Autos has a direct line to the lowest insurance rates available. Whether you have a flawless driving record or a few spots on it, we can help you receive any type of vehicle coverage you may need from full coverage to liability to SR-22 and more. 

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